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Love this soap!

I have been using Indigo facial soaps for 6 years and I won't wash my face with anything else since trying them. This Dead Sea mud soap is perfect!

Brittany W.

Love Stress Relief Steamers!!!!!!!!

These really do what they say...relieve stress! They also are great for the sinuses! I bought them for me but my husband ended up loving them as well so I had to place another order right away! We are hooked and currently waiting for the other steamer scents to arrive, We ordered one of each to try them all!

Sara Roscoe

Amazing and Potent!

I have tried all of the varieties of the shower steamers, and none disappoint. I love that the scents are strong and last for the duration of your shower. These are especially wonderful if you have seasonal allergies and need to relieve sinus pressure!



I've ordered from this store for a few years now and they never disappoint me! I've tried a lot of bath bombs including Lush but they beat them out every time. Persephone is now a favourite! Didn't leave a stain, it smelled amazing, the colour was awesome, it's also moisturizing! The moisturizing wasn't overly done, it was perfect! Lush has NOTHING on them. Hooray!


Dry Lips Be Damned!

My dry lips are no longer thanks to all the Evolve lip balms. It is the only thing that has helped and I have tried everything. Cant live without it.


Milk Magic!

My skin looks amazing after using this milk bath. It is soothing and smells like you are sitting in a rose garden.

Sherri S.

Oatmeal Soap - My fave

This is the only soap I have been using on my face for the last six years. I Love It!!!


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