About Us

Evolve Botanica began in the wild woods of Pennsylvania with a little girl raptly studying every plant, flora, and fauna that her grandmother taught her. 

And with a focus on combining that plant based skincare with modern chemistry, the company began in earnest over 18 years ago. And just as the world around us changes, we continued to Evolve.

We bring the best of both worlds into a clean, always cruelty free brand that you can trust.

Where possible, we source our ingredients locally from our farming and artisan community, this is core to our brand.

With the latest ingredients from our sustainable plant sources, to the cleanest natural product chemistry research, you'll find our products have all of the biggest beauty buzz with none of the parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or petrochemicals.

Join our skincare evolution!


A note from our founder: 

I know you have a choice where you shop. And it means everything to me and our staff that you chose Evolve. With every product made by hand, the love and attention to our ingredients, we feel every batch is art, and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do making them for you.

~ Truly, 


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