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Cambric Exfoliating Soap Saver Mitts

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Cambric Exfoliating Soap Saver Mitts
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These natural cambric soap pouches are a great way to gently exfoliate your skin while allowing you to use up every last bit of your soap! Simply slide your favorite bar into the natural fiber pouch and massage away! Or slip in all those slivers for a kaleidoscope of suds and scents! Each pouch is approximately 6"x4.5" with a drawstring top for easy open and close.
These are machine washable (in a lingerie bag, line dry)
Due to the handmade nature of our natural products, colors may vary from batch to batch.
(Listing is for 1 individual pouch)

Customer Reviews

5 reviews

  • 5

    Gentle yet exfoliating

    If you own bar soap then you need this bag. It is perfect for using up every last bit of soap plus it gives the perfect lather experience. Bubbles for days! It looks a lot rougher in the picture than it is in real life. It's actually quite soft but still feels like it's giving your skin a gentle exfoliation. Overall I'm super happy I gave it a chance.

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    This bag is perfect for just washing or getting those little pieces that used to just sit on my ledge or on the side of my tub and I would end up throwing away. Now I can use all the soap I buy and not waste a cent! Thank you Evolve Soaps!

  • 5

    the only soap bag we buy!

    Great product for holding soap and washing the face and body! I love the gentle exfoliation. In a pinch my husband tried to purchase a similar bag and it fell apart quickly - this is the best quality soap bag on the market!

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    Lathers and exfoliates!

    I love the cambric soap saver bag. The soap lathers so nicely in it and you can use it as a wash cloth to exfoliate. When the soap gets small it makes it very easy to handle. Love it!

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    Save the soap!

    Perfect for catching all those little Evolve soap scraps that are just too good to throw away!

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