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Energy Collection - Cleanse + Radiate Mini Energy Set

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Energy Collection - Cleanse + Radiate Mini Energy Set
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This set will help cleanse and smooth unsteady energy vibrations.

Sunstone = Radiate: Form a connection to the golden white rays of the sun to help you shine! Brings positivity and a freshness to all chakras. Reduces fatigue caused by stress and provides calming energy for a reset.

Cleanse + Radiate with Selenite and Sunstone!

Crystals have been used in holistic healing and self-care practices for centuries. This crystal magic collection has been curated for the specific properties, unique beauty, and positive energy of the crystals included.

Radiate on with the light of the sun and the moon!

Packaging is easily recycled.

Packaging size: 2.5”l x 2.5”w x 1.25”h

Includes: 2 genuine crystals. Crystals: 0.75”-1” Sunstone and Polished Selenite Stick- Raw. in shrink wrap. 

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