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Gift Set - Lavender Lover

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Evolve Botanica Gift Set - Lavender Lover
Evolve Botanica Gift Set - Lavender Lover
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Evolve Botanica Gift Set - Lavender Lover
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Love Lavender? We do too! We've combined our top selling lavender products in one adorable gift set!  Each clear tube includes 1 each of: 
*Lavender Detox Bath Bomb - Clean, soothing lavender, with detoxifying Kaolin Clay.
*Relax Lavender Milk Bath -  blended skin softening Coconut Milk and Milk Powder, lavender buds, and tranquil lavender essential oil. 
* Stress Relief Shower Steamers - Our shower steamers are the bomb. Our aromatherapy, all natural shower steamers create a spa experience in your shower. Each package contains 3 tablets, that can be used 1-2 times. 
* Lavender Mineral Soak - A blend of mineral rich dead sea salts and pacific solar salts, scented with a relaxing Lavender Essential Oil and lavender flowers.  Perfect after a long day or just a little me time. 


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