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Gemstone Obelisks Points

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Evolve Botanica Gemstone Obelisks  Points
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100% natural, hand-carved and polished Gemstone Obelisk.

An Obelisk is a tapered standing gemstone with a pyramidal shaped top.

Different cultures built them to symbolize a god, an important astronomical event, or to commemorate the achievements of an important person. A true Obelisk is made from a single stone, or is monolithic.

Many who practice crystal healing believe energy is directed through and radiates through the point of the crystal. Some believe the pointed pillar of the Obelisk symbolizes the journey of the spirit from the vibrations of the material, earthly world, to the subtle energies of the ethereal.

Obelisks vary in colour and size from 2"- 5". 

Pyrite - wealth, confidence, vitality, luck.

Yellow Quartz - clarity, decision making, memory, concentration.

Vesonite - communication, balance, sacral energy. 

Tree Agate - grounding, inner peace, connection to nature. 

Tiger Eye - personal power, stability, creativity, balance.

Sodalite - rationality, truth, intuition, inner sight, protection. 

Serpentine - healing, personal growth, peace. 

Amazonite -  calming, soothing, balance, inspiration.

Peach Moonstone - intuition, goddess energy, inner peace, inward love & energy.

Lepidolite - transition, soothing, release negative energy. 

Labradorite - strength, transformation, intuition, inner worth. 

Green Jasper - rain bringer, balance, harmony, inner calm.

Green Quartz - transformation of negative into positive, balance. 

Dalmation Jasper - calming, stability, security, grounding. 

Black Tourmaline- protection, strength, cleansing, balancing.  

Amethyst - stress, disperse negative energy, tranquility.

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    Absolutely gorgeous!!

    I ordered the pyrite and it was absolutely gorgeous.

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