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Sticker - Witchy AF

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Evolve Botanica Sticker - Witchy AF
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Magical As Fuck Witchy Woman Sticker | Cute Sticker, Manifest Sticker, New Moon Energy, Wiccan, Heart, Valentine's Day

<<Dimensions>> 2.5" W x 2.2" H

Spruce up your laptop, phone case, iPad, or planner with this laminated sticker! All stickers have been designed, printed on professional matte sticker paper, laminated, and cut in house.

Care instructions : Gently hand wash and *do not scrub*. Please gently pat to dry. *Do not place in dishwasher or outside.*

About the Artist: 

I'm Brittney, and I am the owner, maker, photographer, marketing expert, social media manager, and shipping manager for Blossom & Bloom Co.! My brand is all about supporting other brands. Running a small shop is a lot of work, and I want to know you are supported! My vibe is fun, a little retro, a little woo-woo, and a whole lot of positivity!


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