How to Give Your Garden a Unique Aesthetic

How to Give Your Garden a Unique Aesthetic

Even a simple garden can bring joy and serenity, but there are many things you can do to your garden to enhance the pleasure it brings. These embellishments don’t even have to be that expensive. Here are some ideas.

Add Lights

If you want to enjoy your garden round the clock, consider adding lights. Lights make it possible for you to see your garden and can change its ambiance in ways that are both pleasurable and striking. There are different ways you can use lighting in your garden to make your backyard look nicer in the evenings. There are many types of lighting you can use in your garden. Try some lights tucked among flowers or shrubs to light up sections of the garden wall. Lights can be installed right into the wall or even the steps.

Plant bullet lights along the path. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also good safety and security enhancers. If you want to be spectacular, wind the trunks and limbs of your trees with fairy lights or twine them through the bushes. Place garlands of Edison lights through the rafters of a pergola. Don’t be shy about using colored lights. Given today’s technology, you can change the color and intensity of your garden lights via your mobile device.

Use Rocks

Texture is important to the beauty of a well-planned garden, and rocks give texture and weightiness to a landscape that might seem a bit too ephemeral without them. They can range in size from pea gravel that can be placed on a path to cobblestones placed among succulents or arranged to resemble a stream. Boulders can be used as a backdrop for alpine flowers, such as aubrieta. Rocks can also be arranged as edging for a herbaceous border. Some people, inspired by Japanese gardening, create entire gardens of white gravel and a few artfully arranged boulders with only a few plants or no plants at all.

Add Sculpture

A statue or sculpture can provide a focal point in a garden, and, like rocks, add a pleasing heft to an area full of soft leaves and flowers. The sculpture can be an imitation of a Greek statue from antiquity, an abstract or geometrical form, such as a sphere or a pyramid. Some sculptures also serve as water features or have movable parts that add interest.

Whether you install dramatic or romantic light, add rocks of interesting shapes or place a statue of Venus in its center, there are many ways to make your garden even more beautiful than it is right now. These enhancements can make it a place where you and your loved ones will want to visit all day and into the evening.

Apr 16th 2020 Eileen O'Shanassy

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