Why We Chose to Use Synthetic Fragrance Oils Over Unsustainably Harvested Essential Oils

Why We Chose to Use Synthetic Fragrance Oils Over Unsustainably Harvested Essential Oils

Are essential oils always the best solution to use in our products? Not always. More on our topic that natural is not always the best solution. And while we love the incredible benefits that essential oils offer, sometimes using the natural distillation of plant materials isn't the best option when it comes to the conservation of the planet we tread.

When essential oils are harvested and produced without consideration for the conservation of the plant's life, essential oil production can be one of the most harmful practices to our environment. When essential oils are unsustainably harvested by cutting down trees or destroying entire areas of plants, we lose a critical aspect that is needed in order to improve our air quality and keep our planet healthy.

Plants, trees, and essential oils are a critical part of keeping the air we breathe clean by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen into the air so that humans can breath. The process of essential oil production removes this valuable service to humankind. The distillation processes used for essential oil production, when done in a sustainable manner, isn't what harms the environment. It's essential oils that are produced from unsustainable practices and unsustainably harvested essential oils where we lose our ability to keep our planet healthy.

When essential oil producers use best practices for harvesting essential oil plants by only taking a portion of the plant, this allows the plant to continue essential oil production for many years, keeping the environment healthy.

This is why we choose to use synthetic fragrance oils over unsustainably harvested essential oils in our products. One example of this is with the choice for a synthetic alternative to Sandalwood Essential Oil. Sandalwood has been a popular essential oil for a ages and sandalwood trees have become threatened as this popularity grows. The most sought after essential oil comes from the heartwood of this incredible tree. Unfortunately that means cutting down and harvesting mature growth.

Our concern for sustainability guides all of our decisions and we hope you'll join us as we work together to create a better future.

Feb 12th 2022 Jenn

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