Why You Should Ditch Your Car More Often

Why You Should Ditch Your Car More Often

When it's time to go somewhere, it's common to hop into your car without thinking about other options. However, ditching your car is a great way to get to know your city and sneak more exercise into your day. Here are some other reasons to leave your car behind once in a while.

Physical Movement

Your body was made to move, and sitting behind the wheel of a car for long periods of time isn't great for you. Instead, walk to a bus or train station. It would be even better if you could bike or walk to your destination without using any other form of transportation. This is a great cardiovascular exercise that can lower blood pressure and enhance your mood.

You will also reduce your risk of being in a car accident. Americans in general are spending more time behind the wheel, which increases their risk of accidents.

Reduce Pollution

You have a carbon footprint, and carbon emissions from vehicles have a huge impact on the environment. When you opt to walk, bike or take public transit, you are making an environmentally friendly choice that helps the planet. The more often you ditch your car in favor of other forms of transportation, the greater your positive effect on the planet will be. In certain Scandinavian countries, driving a car is extremely expensive, and parking in a busy area requires even more cash. Biking is prevalent there, and it reduces traffic. These countries are trying to do their part to help the planet, and you can choose to do this on your own.

Save Money

Paying for gas and the upkeep of a car isn't cheap. If you have to add in parking and toll fees, you are probably spending more on driving your car than you realize. Ditching your car will allow you to pocket the extra money. Upkeep for a bike is much cheaper than upkeep for a car, and walking is totally free. You'll also be much less likely to spend money overall if you have to think twice before leaving the house instead of just hopping into your car. You'll have to ponder what is truly worth walking or biking to the store for instead of practicing retail therapy simply because the shops are just a car ride away.

Cars have a place in society, but you don't have to use your car all the time. Embrace the benefits of leaving your car behind whenever you can. Your body and the environment will thank you.

Apr 16th 2020

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