How to Pick the Best Seeds for Your Garden

How to Pick the Best Seeds for Your Garden

Gardening can be a very rewarding experience that can add to your property's aesthetic and also benefit your health, depending on what you are growing. Whether you are growing vegetables or flowers, the seeds you use can make all the difference in the growth and sustenance of your garden. If you are new to gardening and not sure how to choose the best seeds, here are a few tips to help you out.

Pay Attention to Labels

It is very important that you read not only the description but also the label before you purchase any seeds. Reading the label will tell you if the seeds are heirloom, organic, GMO, or hybrid. Not only will the labels tell you the type of plants that these seeds will yield, but also what the required amount of sunlight, water and maintenance is for them is as well.

Buy Online

Independent seed companies generally hold a larger variety of seeds with different genetic traits. Therefore, when you choose to buy your seeds online versus in-store, you generally are able to choose from a much larger variety of seed types. Shopping online increases your chance of finding seeds that are organic, hybrid, or any other specific type that you desire. When you buy your seeds online rather than locally, you also have a much broader option of companies to choose from.

Know Your Climate Zone

The type of climate you live in can have a significant impact on what seeds you choose, as certain seeds will require more or less sunlight, warmth or rain. Also, some plants can't stand up to freezing temperatures. Not only will your climate determine what plants you should grow, but also when you should grow them. Planting calendars are a great tool for helping you determine the best time to plant certain seeds. You can also do a little research on what plants are typically grown with success in your area.

Gardening can be beneficial for your lifestyle in regards to your physical, mental and even emotional health. Not only can this hobby be a great way of eliminating stress, but it can also save you lots of money. Plus, eating food that you've grown yourself tends to be much better for you since many store-bought items lose much of their nutrients while being transported. Food that is homegrown tends to be healthier, and it can even taste better as well.

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Jan 4th 2022 Jenn

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